"Everyday, when I wake up in the city, I try to charge myself with powerful colours, shapes, poetry, music and vibes, as a resource for the whole day. so i paint and I feel the desire to share this."

Exhibition at Volkshaus Zurich

Exhibition at Burning Mountain Festival


Unfortunately our daily lives are filled with headlines and pictures of fear, mourning, anger, frustration and vicious thinking-patterns. Every day we get flooded by an avalanche of information, demands, and strains, that squeeze our width into a tiny reality. This data-smog and this flood of information drown our intuition. We are not being informed by them and the people, who represent them, we are getting programmed.


"All it needs is one moment to be in harmony with ourselves and forget the noises around us. A release, a flash, a memorable feeling. All it needs is one moment to discover ourselves and cut out the manipulation from our environment. Fortunately, my life contains these moments. At the occasion I try to capture and express this feeling with color und lyrics. Sharing these happy aha-effects, is what I love doing."

Ever had the feeling?

120 x 140 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

Energy flows where attention goes

100 x 120 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

3 Dots

100 x 100 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

you become what you behold

90 x 90 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

Breath in, Breath out

120 x 40 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

Do you feel your music?

100 x 70 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

The light was brighter

40 x 90 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

What you seek, is seeking you

80 x 50 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

The Limelight

100 x 80 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017

Es chunnt ebe so wie es chunnt

80 x 50 cm (3X) / Acrylic Paint / 2017

Lights will guide you home

50 x 50 cm / Acrylic Paint / 2017