Music gets our mind off
and turns our desire on
and we simply fly

7 Vibes Journey

At the moment I am passionatly working on my new creation: 7 Vibes Journey. 7 Vibes Journey is the modern mystical music and dance movement from Zurich without toxic substances through seven mystical vibes and eras, that ignites freedom, consciousness and creativity. The music of 7 Vibes Journey has a narrative structure and you can move as a protagonist in your own story. It's a dream, an enchanting movement of self-awareness from where you are, to where you wish you'd be. We love to inspire others by sharing our happiness.

faro Alip loorenkopf


Kennst du das Gefühl deinen Körper zu spüren, zu schweben, neugierig zu erkunden? Kennst du das Gefühl aufzublühen, zu fliegen, das Höchste berühren zu können? Hast du je davon geträumt zu leuchten und wiedergeboren zu werden?

More about 7 Vibes Journey
All the information to 7 Vibes Journey, the community, live happenings and future events can be found at: www.7vibesjourney.com.


What if I felt it raining when the sun was high?
What if I heard a song when there was not a sound?
I see a way, a way out of here.

previous Project, PERSROCK

Persrock was a Swiss-Persian rock band founded in 2012 in Zurich. A project on a global scale which aimed to open a new window in the music scene as well as create an alternative bridge for those who are interested in Persian poetry and melody with the taste of rock. A combination of powerful oriental literature and immense western music. The idea of Persrock originated from a project of mine at the Zurich University of the Arts. Only later did it turn from a musical project to a full-fledged rock band. Persrock’s self-titled debut dealed with various topics such as social norms, love, and freedom of thought.

After the first album and several tours in Europe, Persrock was able to own a name and amongst other places it also went viral in the Tehran underground community. The rebellious music genre and critical lyrics touched many hearts of people there and at the same time it was also uncomfortable for the system. Rock music and Persian poetry achieved their purpose. I hope to have inspired people to keep rocking. In 2015, Persock released its last song “Inja Nistam”, which means “I’m not here”. A farewell message to fans and that was the end of the story. Official Website: www.persrock.com


A farewell message to persrock's fans

This was kind of the end of it! I was away from criticising daily routine, criticising slavery, and criticising injustice. I'm not here. "inja Nistam"

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